About Us

It may be cliché to introduce ourselves as saying that music brings people together, but we'd be lying to you if we didn't do it this way!

We are a group of friends who met a few years ago for being passionate fans of the Jonas Brothers. As time went by, we expanded our horizons as fangirls and began to enjoy the music of mostly Korean artists such as BTS, THE ROSE and GOT7. However, when we decided to start collecting, we experienced a lot of frustration due to the limited availability of original products from our favorite artists mainly in distant cities.

Cake Pop Undertaking Spa is a legally established and registered online store that arises in response to our concerns and needs as fans, with the aim of facilitating access and providing a wide variety of products from your favorite artists imported directly from Korea, Japan and USA, to be distributed throughout Chile in the shortest possible time.

This is a store designed and created with love by fans for fans, which has all the sweetness of cake pops but doesn't exactly aim to conquer your palate, rather, we would like every time you receive our products, to remember how you felt the first time you tried your favorite food or heard your favorite song ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡).

Our purpose is to be a reliable and excellent shop, focused on customers and committed to their well-being and environmental care, respecting values and ethical principles that are reflected in the delivery of high-quality products, services and packaging, guaranteeing a pleasant shopping experience and a nicer unboxing.