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“Proof” is the core of the history of BTS, this anthology album that celebrates 9 years since their debut is made up of 48 tracks in total that cover part of their biggest hits, solos, sub-units, unreleased unreleased songs and special tracks.

CD No. 1 or "Chronicle BTS" contains 19 songs including the group's top singles in chronological order, including the new lead single "Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)." CD No. 2 begins with “Run BTS” and is a collection of 15 solo and sub-unit songs selected by the members. Finally, on CD No. 3 dedicated to ARMY, there are unreleased songs that were not released in the previous albums, demo versions of songs already released in the younger voices of BTS that capture the moments in the past and a new letter from love and hope for the future called "For Youth."

𓍯 Content:

〰️ 3 CD's.

〰️ Photobook: 80p.

〰️ Photocard: Random (1 of 7)

〰️ Postcard: Random (1 of 8)

〰️ Mini Folded Poster.

〰️ Discography Guide.

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