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”INVU”, one of the best K-POP albums of 2022 according to TIME, is TAEYEON's third solo studio project and was released on February 14, 2022. The album is composed of 13 songs that incorporate genres such as pop, dance, rock and R&B with the artist's characteristic “dream voice” that stimulates emotions through intense sounds, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in a story that tells the complex emotions that people experience when being lovers, thus, begins an intimate journey to describe a type of heartbreaking love that loses control until reaching the point of farewell.

𓍯 Content:

〰️ CD.

〰️ Photobook: 144p.

〰️ Photocard: Random (1 of 3 per version).

〰️ Postcard: Random (1 of 2 per version).

〰️ Folded Poster: Random (1 of 2 per version).

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