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On June 15, 2021, BamBam published his first mini album as a soloist "RIBBON", whose title is a play on words between "ribbon" and "reborn" which are homophones in Korean, thus, the main theme of the album is the "rebirth that is expressed through a message of hope symbolized by the ribbon that takes as inspiration the Greek myth of Pandora's box .

𓍯 Content:

〰️ CD.

〰️ Ribbon Box.

〰️ Photobook: 100p.

〰️ Lyric Postcard: Set (6 of 6).

〰️ Clear Photocard: Random (1 of 5).

〰️ Sticker.

🧸 Available for immediate delivery.

📦 Shipping to all cities in Chile through Starken and Correos de Chile.

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