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“LOWLIFE PRINCESS: NOIR” is BIBI's first studio album and is inspired by the famous thriller called “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”. The dystopian story proposed by the project was explained and defined by BIBI, thus pointing out that: “In 2044, the Han River was completely dried up and polluted. An underground society was formed underneath, something like Sin City. The album and music videos that accompany this project will show the rise of Oh Geum-ji, from abandoned girl to leader of that underworld.

When I tried to make an album full of anger, desire and love, I suddenly seemed like a person. I liked the silhouette of the girl and the ambivalence within. The work also went better. After working on it for almost a year, the character was crazy about the mirror in which he looked at himself after a long time. There is a large glass window in the studio where you can see the city of Seoul. It was a vision that went well with the dirty and rebellious ban, the lovable and disgusting boy, and the pathetic, threatened bad bitch. I think it was a crazy job. Next time, I'll do something very, very happy. Since I was alone and sick, I hope the listeners laugh.”

𓍯 Content:

〰️ CD.

〰️ Photobook: 80p.

〰️ 14 Postcards.

〰️ 28 Story Board Book.

〰️ Folded Poster.

〰️ Photocard.

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