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On their first studio album “TREASURE EP. END: ALL TO ACTION” ATEEZ members try to explain how and why their journey began. Like Gilgamesh who sought the secret of immortality, like an astronaut who gets lost in space and swears to return to his family... they claim to have a place to which their hearts point, so, now that they have run out of breath, they still don't know what is ahead, but they continue to look back, wondering, "why did we choose that path and where are we going?"

Pursuing something becomes a longing, and that longing can change your thoughts and actions. These changes are exciting, so by taking a risk you could give up a lot. Furthermore, if you find someone who dreams of the same change, it could become destination. Under that premise, the members of ATEEZ venture into their dreams that are indistinguishable from reality, obtaining an incredible experience where they all feel the same utopia, thus, their mutual trust became stronger and more passionate, leading them to dance once again like the fluttering of a butterfly's wings.

This journey, which started in search of its own treasure, has returned to the starting point. The boys report that on a journey with fear and fluttering tremors, you could meet unexpected people and live a dreamlike experience, which would subtly change the course of your life. In this way, as time passes, when you remember those moments, you will learn more about who you really are and why you should continue with your journey, rethinking that treasure that exists somewhere at the end of it and that is located just behind the search door.

𓍯 Content:

〰️ CD.

〰️ Photo Booklet: 108p.

〰️ Photocards: Random (2 of 9).

〰️ Treasure Card.

〰️ Treasure Film.

〰️ Sticker.

〰️ Postcards: Set (12 of 12).

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