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TAEMIN's third studio album “NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAIN” features two acts that were later compiled into an extended version that was released on December 14, 2020. The artist described this album as “a moment of growth” that allowed him emphasizing his talent and individual style, in this way, reflects a turning point in his career where themes such as identity and rebirth form the fundamental basis for the narrative of his story.

TAEMIN presents both parts of his album as a cinematic story, thus, the listener and/or viewer can enjoy them as separate parts of a film and their sequels can be independent but form a complete story when put together. Act 1 is about rebelling against the ordinary in the process of finding a new ego, while for the creation of act 2 he took inspiration from Plato's theory of forms and the allegory of the cave to emphasize that, instead of being Trapped in a cave and living in the shadow of the truth, he wants to free himself from his own darkness and embark on a light-filled journey to continue discovering his new ego, identity, purpose and meaning.

𓍯 Content:

〰️ 2 CDs.

〰️ Booklet: 102p.

〰️ Postcard: Set.

〰️ Folded Leaflet: Random (1 of 2).

〰️ Photocard: Random (1 of 3).

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