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On September 9, 2022, Jackson Wang's first physical studio album was released. "MAGIC MAN" contains 10 songs that, through chords inspired by punk, grunge and rock of the 70s, create a "beautiful mess" that shows Jackson's musical and personal growth as an expression of the deep exploration of his inner self, after spending a year "immersed in work and a constant cycle of loneliness" that led him to "total despair and loss of self himself", thus making him more than a musician or an artist and giving way to the birth of a "magical man".

“MAGIC MAN" is the definitive form of Jackson Wang, who went through different peaks and valleys of life to reach the most authentic version of himself, thus laying the foundations of his own cinematic universe where music is intertwined with complex narratives. and moving works that unravel the pulsating threads of his mind at its most vulnerable point, operating under the laws of mystery, temptation and confusion.

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〰️ Photobook.

〰️ Photocard: Random (2 of 4).

〰️ Jackson's Letter.

〰️ Stickers Pack.

〰️ Folded Poster.

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