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In this new mini album, the members of SEVENTEEN report having a powerful energy to free themselves from fear and return to the world together with a dream.

“Henggarae” is a pure Korean word that expresses the movement of several people throwing someone high and then receiving him/her. With this, the boys refer that in this period of youth, when we are confused about where to go, if we cannot find an answer to innumerable worries, we will rise up by our own strength, thus, instead of expressing the pain of the young people struggling at a crossroads, SEVENTEEN plans to show off their unique, joyful and bubbly charms by approaching them first and encouraging them, imbuing them with their passionate energy.

𓍯 Content:

〰️ CD.

〰️ Book.

〰️ Photocard: Random (2 of 26)

〰️ Sticker.

〰️ Lyric Paper.

〰️ Bookmark.

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