After finishing the series “BORDER” that showed the complex but sincere emotions that the members of ENHYPEN experienced before and after crossing the border of their debut, the boys now face a new dilemma: the new world beyond the border is even more multidimensional and chaotic than they expected.

After entering this multidimensional world where their values begin to clash, they recognize their desires for the first time and begin to question their identity. With their hands tied in the face of this new dilemma, the boys decide to do the only thing they can do for now: flee. The answers are unknown and the path forward is unclear, but who knows? They might find the answers on their journey. "So they decide to run and keep going until they can connect with someone like them."

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〰️ CD.

〰️ Photobook.

〰️ Lyrics Book: 20p.

〰️ Photocard: Random (1 of 8).

〰️ Hologram Photocard: Random (1 of 7).

〰️ Mini Folded Poster: Random (1 of 7).

〰️ Sticker.

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