On their latest album, ENHYPEN began the “DIMENSION” series by unraveling their story beyond the border of debut, where they realized that their new world was even more complex and multidimensional than anticipated. The members questioned their own identity as they faced their desires, but were determined to move forward even in a dilemma, hoping to find answers along the way.

In “DIMENSION: ANSWER” they begin to sow doubts about society that manifests itself in the competition that constantly tells them to wake up, face reality and follow the norm. Thus, through the lens of social media, they come to recognize how messy the world is and refuse to accept what is labeled as a "right answer," showing determination to focus on the present and find the answers while living life. life on their own terms...accepting what they were given and being tamed by the rules of society was easy and seemed like a “blessing”, now that they have realized the ways of the world, this all feels like a “curse”.

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