BTS - O!RUL8,2?

BTS - O!RUL8,2?

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«BTS delivers the message that "you must find your happiness and your own life before it is too late."

Lyrics that brutally expose reality as it is offer a bold warning to a world that inflicts despair... children are raised as study machines with no opportunity to think about the future and we currently live in a world where classmates class are not friends but competitors trying to trample each other. BTS sings about the wounds and anguish that this hopeless life has left in today's teenagers

𓍯 Content:

〰️ CD.

〰️ Photobook: 74p.

〰️ 2 Photocards: 1 Group + Random (1 of 7).

〰️ Folded Poster.

🧸 Available for immediate delivery.

📦 Shipping to all cities in Chile through Starken and Correos de Chile.

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